I’m tired of hearing about risk.

Technological risk. Environmental risk. Financial risk. Political risk. Market risk. Sovereign risk.


The only risk that matters is the one that causes us to waste our most valuable resource - time.

Most people will agree that time is our most valuable resource, yet I rarely hear anyone talk about the risk it faces - mediocrity.

Don’t buy it? What if I told you there was a risk that would…:

  1. Cause you to waste the maximum time on the minimum reward
  2. Slowly sap you of your motivation
  3. Cause you to live up to the lowest bar of your potential.

Who here has stayed in a mediocre relationship for too long?

Who has spent years working in mediocre jobs to, ‘save up a little more money’, or 'get a little more experience’?

We don’t plan on being mediocre - it just happens, and I can understand why. Would you rather be broke, or have a mediocre job? Would you rather be alone, or in a mediocre relationship? Most people would rather have something than nothing.

In that sense, mediocrity is a step up from a “bad” outcome. However, we must remember that the prospect of a “bad outcome” is a key part of the fuel for our motivational engine.

The man above knows this. Often, he has to step in and push you out of mediocrity (eg. you lose your crappy job), but it turns out to be a blessing in disguise because when you end up in a better place.

Risks guide our strategy. Our behavior is a set of actions that are geared towards mitigating risks.

Make sure you’re focused on the right one.



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